Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Vacation...

Hello friends! What a long time it has been since my last post. Is it just me or does it seem that summer is flying by? It makes me kind of sad to think that before long the summer days are going to be coming to an end and all the back to school planning takes over once again. This summer has been one of the busiest summers our family has had. I'm sure that's one reason why the days seem to be slipping away so quickly. It's definitely been a summer packed full of memories and fun times for which I am thankful.

This last week was spent visiting my parents in their new home in Winchester, Virginia. Coming from Ohio where we are surrounded by farms and flat land, we so enjoyed the mountains and rolling hills. What a beautiful part of the country! Not only is it beautiful but there are so many historical places to see and visit. It was a great week spent with my parents as well as my sister, Sarah, her husband, and my niece, Anna Claire.

The first day trip we planned was visiting Harper's Ferry. This is where during the Civil War, General Lee moved troops in to capture the town. It was a strategic location because of the railroad that both sides frequently used through the town at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley.

Sam, Ben, and Anna Claire...

The town is now maintained as a National Historical Park and how neat it was to walk the streets and go into some of the old buildings.

Overlooking the Potamac River...

Another day trip included me riding along with my husband, my Dad, and Sam to Antietam Battlefield. What made Sam the happiest about my parents recent relocation was the fact that they are so close to one of his favorite places to visit... Civil War Battlefields.

Papa and Sam overlooking the battlefield from the 60-foot tower.

I loved being here with Sam because I know how much he enjoys it. Through him, I have learned so much about this particular time in history. He can tell story after story about the events that took place. As we walked this part of the battlefield known as "Bloody Lane", I asked him what it is that he enjoys so much about coming to the battlefields. He replied, "It's just being here." After all the books he has read, pictures he has seen, and watching "Gods and Generals" and "Gettysburg" countless times, I know in his mind he was putting himself in the shoes of a soldier.

Next stop... Manassas, Washington D.C. and a few other highlights!


  1. It's great to see a new post from you!

    We live about an hour south of Winchester, so I feel like I'm seeing home when I see these pictures. :)

    It's so true that there are lots of Civil War battlefields around here. They should keep Sam busy for a while during his visits!

    Anna Claire looks so tiny in her stroller next to her big cousins! :)

  2. Summer is flying by! Makes me a little sad. Virginia is such a beautiful place. I haven't been in several years, but would love to go back.

    What a great trip for a Civil War fan! Your pictures are great. My husband enjoys learning about the Civil War as well. As I'm siting here at the computer, I can count at least 20-25 books he has on the shelf! There's probably more down stairs.

    Glad you're having a good summer!

  3. What a picturesque post! Sounds like a pretty special time. And I know what you mean about summer flying by!! I'm praying for things to slow down...

    Enjoy D.C.!

  4. Welcome back! Glad you all had a good trip. Summer is flying by - for us it's just 3 more weeks! :-(

  5. Hi Christy! I was so glad to see a post pop up from you. Looks like you are having a terrific summer. I too agree that it is just flying by. Enjoy every moment Friend!!!! Hugs, Kim

  6. Our summer is flying right on by us, too. I'm wishing time could freeze with our kiddos sometimes.
    Glad to see you are enjoying some traveling this summer!
    Happy week ahead~ Les

  7. Christy... so good to catch up w/ you. I haven't had much time to blog either. That's one part of cooler weather that I will look forward to (spending time w/ blogland friends)

    Love that your sweet son loves history. I was always a history buff! Civil War history is a fav of mine too.

    We took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg many years ago. Pre-Revolutinary War era is how Williamsburg is set... We were in the house, which is original to the site - (some buildings were burned to the ground during the Revolutionary War) where Thomas Jefferson studied law. I turned to my husband and w/ more enthusiasm than he could stand said "Thomas Jefferson stood right here! Is that amazing!" Ha Ha... he thinks I'm weird! :)

    Summer is flying by! Looking forward to catching up soon! Perhaps this fall I can take that Ohio trip to visit you!

  8. I agree that summer is flying by! I feel like most of our summer has been spent "waiting." I'm glad you are enjoying making fun family memories!

    My best friend spent her high school years in Winchester. I've never been to the town though! She adores it. I think it will always hold a special place in her heart!


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