Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Well, we made it through graduation! Everything about it was wonderful- having family here to celebrate with us, the weather (sunny and 80 degrees!), the graduation ceremony, all the friends that came to visit, the food, and of course the fact that this girl is now an official 2009 graduate...

Jessica with her brothers

Jessica with Aunt Say Say, Anna Claire, and Uncle Mike

Here are some pictures from the open house we had the following day...

I had some of my best girlfriends help out at the open house... what a tremendous blessing this was!

Thank you Lori, Betsy, Tammy, Carrie, and Kim ( sorry I didn't get pictures with the two of you)... you all are wonderful and I love ya!

Hugs from Aunt Beth

Jessica with the Grandparents

Jessica with her cousin, Andrew, who also graduated this year.

This frame was one of those last minute items we purchased and what a keepsake this will be for Jessica. Thanks to her cousin, Andrew, we also have the open house on video with people offering words of wisdom, well wishes, and encouragement for Jessica. I know this will be something that is very special to her down the road. Thank you to everyone who came and made this be such a memorable day for Jessica!


  1. Wow, what great decor.....and what a beautiful girl/family! congrats!

    Love the cake!!!

  2. Totally cute! What a fun couple of days. I am glad that your sister and family was able to celebrate with you. I love the cute cakes and cupcakes and the flowers and decorations. Way to go mom!
    Congratulations Jessica!

  3. Thank you for sharing Jessica's special day! She is just a gorgeous young woman... ah the bright future of a HS grad! So much to look forward to!

    Those cupcakes/cake look divine... did you make them!

    Happy Summer!!!

  4. Congratulations!!
    I love the autographed frame.

  5. OH WOW!! Today is my very first day back online after "the move" and what a refreshing thing to see!! I know you are a proud momma!! Jessica looks absolutely beautiful as does all of your decorations for the open house. You did a fantastic job girl!!

    Best wishes to your entire family!!

  6. Congratulations to Jessica!!! What a great accomplishment :)! Loved seeing pics from the celebration, everything looked so beautiful! The flowers were lovely & the cake looked SO good! You did a great job, I know she'll treasure these memories always!!

  7. Beautiful -- all of it!

    I especially like the B&W pics of Jessica you had on the tables.

    Congratulations to all of you!!!

  8. Sounds like a perfect party!! Loved all the decorations! What a beautiful family!

  9. What great pics. I never realized just how much Jessica looks like you until I saw the pictures of you two together.
    The pics from the open house are gorgeous...beautiful cake and decorations, and I love the frame where you all wrote her a message. A definite keepsake.
    You did such an amazing job making this a wonderful weekend for her!

  10. Congratulations! She is gorgeous and the party looked just perfect! She is adorable. God Bless.
    p.s. I like Sarah's new hair cut. :)

  11. Congratulations to you all!! Everything looks absolutely awesome. I know you are so proud of your daughter. Thanks for sharing such a special day along with incredible ideas! I'll be in your shoes next year this time!

  12. The decorations look beautiful. And, Jessica is just gorgeous. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful celebration!!! Congratulations.

  13. Congratulations...you all made it! The party decor was fabulous, love how the flowers turned out! I dropped my camera the morning of graduation so I have very few pictures...no one else thinks of taking pictures of the decorations but me! We just returned from college orientation, it is all happening so fast!

  14. Congratulations to Jessica and to you and Steve as well! She's grown into a lovely young woman and I know you are so proud of her. It looks like you had a wonderful celebration!

  15. It looks like it was a lovely weekend! You did an amazing job of using her school colors to make an elegant and beautiful party theme perfect for a girly graduation. I love your flower arrangements and the black and white photos on the tables! That photo matte with messages truly will be a keepsake. What a great idea!

  16. How special! Christy, you did a beautiful job with the decor and special touches. I hope to remember some of these things you did for the time when mine graduate. So glad everything went so well for all of you.

    Have a great weekend... Jennifer


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