Thursday, April 02, 2009

Everybody Has A Job...

A very wise man that I know (my brother-in-law, Mike) lives by the belief that everybody has a job to do. I agree with him because I think it's an important lesson for my children even at this age to take ownership, accept responsibility, and have the feeling of accomplishing something no matter how big or small the job may be.

My children are on Spring Break this week and up until yesterday, the weather has been anything but Spring-like. When I saw the forecast the night before telling us that the temperature was finally going to be in the upper 50's and sunny, I was one happy Mama. Between having my two boys chasing each other through the house and wrestling on the floor for way too long, I knew it was time to give them a job. I knew just the perfect one that would keep them busy and doing something a little more productive for awhile. Not that I don't love to watch my boys play, I do because everything about their play is reality to them. On any given day, I will have an FBI agent, Navy Seal, Civil War soldier, Indiana Jones or Macgyver residing in our home. After awhile it got pretty loud and I found myself repeating an all too favorite quote of all mothers, "Stop before someone gets hurt!" more than once. I think boredom was starting to kick in because when boys get bored, they stop thinking. When Sam came to me with his hands tied (way too tightly) up with a belt, it was time for this Mom to take some action. I have learned with having boys to 1) Always keep them busy and 2) They will rise to the occasion when there is a job to be done. Especially when it is outside.

Our backyard has been almost completely covered in sweet gum balls. I don't know when they got there. I suppose last Fall and then with the snow covering the ground, I just didn't pay much attention. Well, these little prickly suckers are on our last nerve. Our little dogs go out and have to tiptoe their way through like it's a land mine.

So, the boys were assigned the task of picking up and raking up the sweet gum balls because as Uncle Mike says, "Everybody has a job to do."

This is only one pile of many and just look how happy and proud they were at themselves. Okay, not really. At this point they were so done with this job and the fact that Mom was taking a picture to put it on her blog made it even worse.

So, while the boys were outside with their job, I had a job as well... making this Lemon Yogurt Cake. (Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa At Home cookbook) It is SO good! Yes, I cheated on my diet to have a little bite but I needed to be able to tell you all how good it is. Perfect little treat to go with a glass of iced tea. Incredibly moist and oh so lemony...

The weather is supposed to be warm again today so we are headed off to have a picnic and go for a hike at a State Park nearby. I suppose our job for today is to have FUN!


  1. Uncle Mike is a smart man! I learn something new about boys son is so different from my girls and I seem to always be giving him a job to do but some how he turns it into an adventure! Enjoy your warmer weather...we had a beautiful day yesterday but the rain is headed back today.

  2. A job well done!!! Uncle Mike will be proud of those boys and the job they did!

    Have fun with the picnic and hiking.

    Is there any lemon cake left?

  3. What a great reminder. And look what a great job the boys did. You did a great job of the Lemon Cake too! :) And your apron is too cute!

  4. I have never heard of sweet gum balls before. Now that I've seen the picture I get why they'd be a problem!
    That lemon cake looks good....I'll have to check out the recipe!!!

    My son is only 5 so I'll have to take lessons from you. But I agree keeping them busy helps to keep them out of trouble!

  5. I love Uncle Mikes quote... :-)

    Have a WONDERFUL day with your boys on your picnic and hike....AND...thanks for sharing the Lemon cake....I know my fam will LOVE it. :-)

  6. If Itty Bitty turns out to be a boy, I'm going to need you SO MUCH to help me learn how to be such a good mom to brothers. You're inspirational, Christy.

    Have fun with your picnic. Sarah and I want to get together for one of our own when the weather stabalizes here. We'll be sure to give you plenty of notice so you can join us. ;)

  7. looks like you kept them busy. that cake sounds great, i'll have to add it to my collection.

  8. Great teaching tools!!! from Uncle Mike.

    Your sons are handsome!

    That cake looks delicious. I am going to have to try that one!

    Bless you dear sister and enjoy your precious family and the weekend.

  9. Okay, living in the pacific northwest, I am not sure I have ever seen a sweet gum tree. Thus, when I read it (and until I saw the photo of the boys and one of their piles) I thought you meant "gumballs"... I couldn't for the life of me imagine why there would have been so many gumballs in your yard, but was thinking you were the coolest mom ever! :)

    Don't you just love Ina? I have five of her books and love them dearly~



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