Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update on Anna Claire...

Anna Claire continues to do very well. She is now breathing on her own and has been given regular tube feedings. It appears that her little digestive system is finally getting the hang of things, which is really good. She is a little jaundice, so she is spending time under the lights. Sarah said that as her digestive system begins working that her bilirubin number will begin coming down. I want to thank all of you that have been praying again. Anna Claire is nothing short of a miracle, and we have found ourselves in this incredible state of praise and thanksgiving. 

I will be leaving tomorrow morning to go visit Sarah, Mike and Anna Claire for a few days, and I can't hardly stand the wait to see her. I also can't wait to see my sister holding her daughter. Sarah completely amazes me and there is no one that I admire more. A year ago in September, Sarah and Mike lost twin daughters at 20 weeks. It was a road marked with sadness and grief, but they continued to believe and trust God with everything they had. Hope and a faith that didn't waiver is what they held onto with every ounce of their being. Anna Claire is a little girl who is very blessed to have parents like hers. 
I'm going to be taking a little break from posting regularly but will continue to give updates and share photos of Anna Claire. I am so thankful that I am able to go and spend time with Sarah, Mike, and Anna Claire in the weeks to come. When I am at home, I want to be spending it with my family. Thank you again for your prayers and for sharing our joy. I am blessed to have a community of friends like you!


  1. Oh, how precious. I know you will enjoy being there!


  2. What a beautiful baby! Enjoy your time with your new niece, I know you'll treasure every second. What a great time for your families!

  3. Have a great lucky you are to have each other!

  4. Hey Christy! You guys are on my heart and mind. (Look for an email from me.) Continuing to pray for you and your precious family my sweet Friend. Love to you, Kim

  5. C-have a safe trip and please love on Anna Claire a little bit for me. Give Sarah a huge hug and tell her how happy we are for all of them. Keep up the updates, I absolutely love seeing her! I'll miss ya, let's get together when you get back, k?

  6. Continuing to keep everyone in my prayers. What a precious little baby!

  7. Take lots of pictures! :) Have a wonderful time.

  8. How wonderful that you'll get to have this time with Anna Claire and her proud parents! Enjoy your break, and soak up every minute with that wee little girlie (as I know you will)... :)

  9. I am so glad that you will be able to spend time with your sister and your niece. Enjoy every minute.

  10. Christy,
    Praying for all of you! Especially sweet Anna Claire. What a blessing she is!
    Safe travels as you head to TN and we look forward to your updates!
    Love you,

  11. What a beautiful miracle she is! What an amazing blessing to be able to spend a few days with them. Praying for Anna Claire's continued improvement. Congratulations!


  12. So very precious! A beautiful gift from God! I will be praying for her continued growth and health!

    Bless you...give her a hug from all of us!

  13. Does Aunt Christy have a new haircut?
    Love it!


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